Hi, I’m Jessica

Therapist and Hypnotherapist

Helping to unlock your full potential through subconscious therapy

 Hi, I am Jessica!

As a therapist, I offer an approach that goes beyond traditional talk therapy to help build more trust, confidence, and self-esteem.  Talk therapy can be a wonderful approach to bringing awareness and light to what we are facing but some challenges feel like they repeat despite our best efforts at change and require an entirely different approach that works with the emotional centers of the brain and nervous system.

I incorporate several different therapies that can access the subconscious parts of yourself to heal and provide space for this transformative work to happen.   


  My Background and The Experience I Bring To My Practice


Before becoming a therapist, I worked in Corporate Human Resources for 10+ years supporting people both in their career and personal issues that impacted them at work.  


Past Training

  • Emotional Freedom Technique -Completed 2014
  • Spiritual Psychotherapy-Transformational Arts College -Graduated 2019
  • Rapid Transformational Therapy -6 months of Training with both online and in-person training -Graduated 2019
  • Heart Healing Hypnotherapy – 1 Year Online Training -Completed 2021
  • Brainspotting Phase 1 & Phase 2 – Completed 2022                                                                                                                                                                    


Current Training

  • Ongoing Clinical Supervision
  • Working towards Certified Trauma Integration Clinician with Trauma Treatment Centre for Healing
  • Yearly Continuous Education in Heart Healing and Rapid Transformational Therapy                                                                                                     
  • Ongoing Brainspotting Learning and Consultation 


I have taken smaller workshops in Coaching, Internal Family Systems, Polyvagal Therapy, and other workshops related to Psychotherapy 

How My Values & Beliefs Support You


Life will always come with challenges and stressors, but I help you navigate them in a way that is authentic to your self and journey.


Is at the heart of the work we do together. It is important you feel a good fit as I will guide you to make the desired changes within yourself.


Everything you need to heal and thrive is inside of you. I just equip you with the conscious and subconscious changes to make those changes.

My Approach To Helping you


  • Identify goals for therapy
  • Identify current strengths and coping skills
  • Identify limiting beliefs and unhelpful thought patterns
  • Reframe past events and release old emotions
  • Release conflicting beliefs
  • Ignite the imagination of the subconscious
  • Move into new choices and experiences

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