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Jessica Sloan

The reason you are stuck is not your fault.

Supporting you through, Counselling, Coaching,  Rapid Transformational Therapy ™, Heart Healing™, and Brainspotting.  

Providing services in the Waterloo, Guelph, Kitchener, and Toronto GTA areas.

About Jessica Sloar

Certified Hypnotherapist & Transformation Coach offering Rapid Transformational Therapy and Heart Healing to the Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph, Ontario, Canada area and online.

The reason you are stuck is not your fault.

Supporting you through
Rapid Transformational Therapy™, Heart Healing™, and Brainspotting.


Renewed confidence is possible by releasing the strength and hold of your inner saboteurs. Gain a deeper understanding of your desires and how to receive more of what you want in your life. Learn how to rewire your subconscious to regain self-trust.


Release anxiety and stress. Our nervous system can get stuck living in anxiety and in the flight response. We are not meant to live in that state 24/7. Restore your nervous system back to balance.

Calm, Peace & Safety

Restore calm and peace by creating emotional safety in your body and trusting your own choices and decisions. Restore your nervous system to health and wellness.

Feeling stuck

Despite your best attempts at change, it is possible to release the feeling of being stuck and move forward again.  

I am here to support you…

We can all reach a point where we feel unfulfilled with life and are looking to have a new experience in life and how we relate to ourselves. 

Many of us struggle with perfectionism, people-pleasing, or procrastination, perhaps you are struggling with all three. Sound familiar?

These parts can feel very familiar, ingrained, and difficult to change. They can leave us feeling exhausted and burnt out with little time for ourselves and what we need and want most. 

I will support you to get the root of why you are stuck so you can move forward. Sometimes we just need a little guidance and support and the right tools to find our own answers. 


You can transform self-sabotage into emotional wellness.

We all have deeply ingrained saboteurs that prevent us from living our full potential. Often our saboteurs impact our ability to create and sustain long-lasting change. The emotional conflicts of our saboteurs can prevent us from fully recovering from burnout and returning to wellness. Having and holding what we want should never come at a cost to ourselves.


Certified Hypnotherapist with the National Guild of  Hypnotists & Pre-Licensed Professional with the College of Psychotherapists of Ontario

Hi, My Name is Jessica, 

With over 10 years’ of previous experience in corporate Human Resources, I have worked with a diverse range of people struggling with similar issues. I witnessed, and even experienced firsthand, the many stresses of life and understand the toll it can take on our health,  happiness and our ability to trust life. 

On my own journey, I have had to face chronic health issues, depression, anxiety, PTSD/complex trauma and fear of speaking my own truth. As a result, I often suffered from chronic overwork, perfectionism, people-pleasing, and procrastination as a way to cope.

I firmly believe it is possible to reclaim your innate ability to trust yourself and we all have a great capacity to heal and transform.

I would be honored to support you on your journey.

With Care,

Jessica Sloan